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Bianchi Coffee is a Bulgarian company with an expanding presence, specialized in in the roasting, packaging and supply of coffee products. Our factory produces no less than 2 tons per hour with the help of fully automated equipment and the supervision of competent technologists on location.

Bianchi Coffee covers every major distribution channel including HORECA, retail, vending and doorstep delivery, while our dedicated team of baristas actively promotes the proper preparation of espresso—as well as other quality coffee drinks—in our brand’s very own chain of coffee shops, where consumers can get acquainted with our rich portfolio.

In 2016 the Bianchi Origins brand hit stores with three unique products: 250-gram packages of unblended Colombian, Costa Rican and Ethiopian arabica beans. Bianchi Origins Ethiopia in particular is 100% organic and was subsequently released as ground coffee, while all three are available as coffee pods. Bianchi Origins Latino is a 100% arabica blend available exclusively for HORECA and featuring numerous varieties from Central and South America. Hitting markets in 2017 are two new additions to the line: Bianchi Origins Guatemala and the hazelnut-flavored Bianchi Origins Santos, both available as coffee pods and coffee beans.





Bianchi Coffee is an official distributor of the Italian “SAB” and “La Piccola” coffee machines, distributor of the Italian brand “Iberital”, “Punto It” supplies for vending machines as well as the fully automated “PuqPress” tamper—designed for professional baristas.

We produce private labels based on custom recipes with a consistency that customers can rely on. Raw coffee is imported directly from Central and South America, Africa and Asia. We’ve implemented numerous partnerships with companies from around the world in terms of both provision and sales.




Bianchi Coffee is a direct importer of raw coffee from 16 countries around the globe, including Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, among others. We make sure to import the highest-quality arabica and robusta varieties to produce consistent and unique blends of coffee that never fail to meet our customers’ expectations.

The process of purification, roasting, secondary treatment, mixing and packaging is fully automated and strictly controlled. The coffee is packed in a protected environment, which ensures its consistent quality and taste.

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